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body, food & mind tools

Book your trial class here!

During a trial class you can experience our professional and friendly approach and how it feels to exercise in warmth.

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find your foundations

Start your personal journey by filling out our foundation questionnaire. Are you not (yet) a member? Plan a trial to start your personal journey.

be happy

Is your foundation be happy? In order to become fully balanced these are your most important focus points: ✦ More attention for yourself and allow room for your feelings. ✦ Enough and purposeful exercise. ✦ Less alcohol and coffee

be mindful

Is your foundation be mindful? In order to be more balanced these are your most important focus points: ✦ Less stress and more mindfulness. ✦Intensive but gentle trainings alternated with relaxation. ✦ No coffee or alcohol, eat nutritiously (no sachets or packets).

be strong

Is your foundation be strong? In order to be more balanced these are your most important focus points: ✦ Move with more strength and ensure that whilst exerting yourself you also practice relaxation exercises. ✦ Make sure to get enough sleep and minimise stress. ✦ Eat enough protein and be careful with sugar.

be balance

Is your foundation be balance? In order to be more balanced, these are your most important focus points: ✦More rest and balance. ✦ Enough (but not too much) exercise. ✦ Eat nutritiously (and make sure you eat enough).

be slim

Is your foundation be slim? In order to be more balanced these are your most important focus points: ✦ A peaceful lifestyle. ✦ Enough exercise at a high tempo. ✦ Back to the basics.

be sugarfree

Is your foundation be sugarfree? In order to be more balanced these are your most important focus points : ✦ A peaceful lifestyle. ✦ Be sure to sport and train enough and in a controlled manner. ✦ (Much) less sugar, lots of fibre and no smoking.


You are in balance and that is super nice. Important considerations: ✦ Sport regularly, vary and choose lessons that you like. ✦ Meditate! Meditation is good for relaxation, balance, focus and so much more. ✦ Choose for basic supplementation for holding a healthy basis.


Exercising in warmth can be ideal for people with physical complaints such as hernia, instability complaints or joint pain. If you visit a bbb physio then a physio can observe you. It is also important to look at your complaints holistically. Fill in the questionnaire as well and try to follow the regular path as much as possible.

mama to be

Feeling healthy and fit during pregnancy is important for every mama (to be)! We have special body, food & mind tools for every fase of your pregnancy. You can exercise with us until you are about 36 weeks pregnant.


Feeling healthy and fit after pregnancy is important for you as a new mother! You are welcome to come to us from 4-6 weeks after giving birth. Also good to know: as a brand new mama you are welcome to bring your baby with you, twice a week at special hours.

stay vital

Are you getting older or going through menopause? Then the stay vital foundation is for you. We have developed special food and coaching tools. Extra attention to your skin and rest and relaxation are all important in this phase of life. You could, for example, use the ozon or follow a yin yoga or meditation class.