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13-09-2016 / 11:00

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bbb is regularly looking for independent dietitians and physiotherapists with a holistic vision for their studios.

bbb is a health boutique for women. A small scale sport school with a personal approach there are currently studios in 6 cities in the Netherlands. The 3 b's refer to our 3 pillars: nutrition, exercise and coaching. bbb literally stands for inner beauty, body workouts and lifestyle balance. The 3 pillars are weaved into all 3 b's. We believe that nutrition, exercise and coaching (lifestyle) are all interwoven with each other.

Unique to bbb is exercising in a heated cabin. Warmth results in a better blood flow to the muscles and joints and can help to lessen stiffness. As well as this, there is virtually no risk of injury as you are lying down. We also know from experience that women enjoy exercising lying down and in warmth. Virtually all women can sport in this matter and find it easy to maintain.

The bbb paramedical team consists of physiotherapists, dietitians and therapists/psychologists. By working together and using our holistic approach we are able to improve the healthy lifestyle of our patients.

The bbb paramedical team only works with female therapists. Men, women and children are welcome


  • ZZP'er (independent) with a holistic vision regarding health
  • A creative entrepreneur and networker with business and commercial insights
  • In possession of good social skills and perserverance

You will work in our boutique sport school where you have close contact with our coaches and other paramedical staff. You build up your own business and we will support you in this with as many tools as possible. The begin period starts as a part-time function with the possibility to expand to a full time function.

Interested? Send a job application to Inge Bader- de Brouwer via or to info@bbbfysiotherapie to the attention of Alain Wehman.