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During a trial class you can experience our professional and friendly approach and how it feels to exercise in warmth.

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Amsterdam Amstel
13-09-2016 / 11:00

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bbb health boutique location Delft

The summer holidays may be over, but your journey to a better version of yourself has only just begun. Together with bbb health boutique Delft you will be back on track in no time.

bbb health boutique in Delft is the gym for you as a woman. Our coaches work with you towards the most healthy version of yourself, so that you feel good about yourself.

  • Individual guidance in a homely atmosphere: at bbb health boutique Delft we think it is important that every woman is personally guided. There is room for individual attention in a homely environment.
  • Hot cabin training: experience for yourself what it is like to follow a unique training in a hot cabin that heats up to 40 degrees. These workouts don't take long, but are certainly effective: you can do your entire workout within half an hour. In addition, we also offer great outdoor workouts
  • Feel good in your own body: in our boutique we pay attention to you as a woman. Together we make sure you feel good, you can work on your goals and we coach you on body, food & mind!

At bbb Delft we have everything to help you get fit in the summer. Work on your condition, strength, flexibility or relaxation. We have the right workout for every purpose. We temporarily also offer a short-term subscription. Perfect for the summer period!

  • Hot cabin classes for an effective workout and detox.
  • Effective 30 minute workouts.
  • Strength training, HIIT, pilates, yoga and more!
  • Would you like to try out our bbb health boutique? Then book the temporarily free trial lesson.

Start immediately with a 10 sessions strip card!

Get to know BBB's holistic working method in an accessible way. This way you can plan lessons yourself. With this strip card you receive 10x hot cabin or room lessons, unlimited body, food & lifestyle coaching and much more. We provide a start and end measurement, discuss your goals and make a personal plan. Now from €220 to €149

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The benefits of hot cabin workout:

  • An effective workout ready in 30 minutes.
  • Your blood circulation improves and your fat burning is stimulated by moving in the heat.
  • Risk of injury is very small.
  • A hot cabin workout has a cleansing effect.
"You feel pampered when you enter, the beautiful decoration, the changing rooms with private shower cabin, the super nice and always interested coaches who greet you by name, I love coming there!"

Our coaches

"Helima is a fitness instructor and personal trainer. She also studies nutrition and dietetics and does powerlifts. With her energy and enthusiasm she wants to help women towards the healthy goal of which they dream."
"Jennifer has been passionately working as a coach at bbb for several years now. In addition to being a dietitian, she is also a yoga teacher and has a vision to bundle her knowledge and experience, and thus help people become more aware of their health. Jennifer has her own dietician practice in which she provides in-depth guidance to people and continues to develop her knowledge."

A nice place for you as a woman

Our gym in Delft has a holistic approach. This means that, in addition to the hot cabin workouts, we also guide you on mind, food & body. We also offer inspiring and motivating challenges. Personal guidance and attention are important to us, so that you as a woman feel comfortable in your own skin.

When to choose bbb Delft?

  • Together we help you lose weight or get in shape, if you haven't succeeded so far.
  • You find it difficult to persevere, when you have already tried everything.
  • You can do a full workout in half an hour, so you train briefly, but effectively.
  • Do you find it difficult to adjust your eating habits and lifestyle? We help you.

hot cabin trial lesson

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"Very sweet coaches who guide you well during all classes. They explain everything well, do this with a smile and help you remember the set goals and measurements. I enjoy sports there!"