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Discover bbb: free hot cabin trial  class

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Now that the holidays are over, it's time to get back on track and accomplish your health goals. At bbb health boutique Rotterdam we are here to help you get back on track!

bbb is the women's gym in Rotterdam. We make sure you keep working towards being the healthiest version of you and that you are happy in your skin. Together we have fun in working out and we find the work out that works best for you! 

  • Attention & personal coaching: at bbb we feel it's important to have personal attention and guidance in a safe& homey environment 
  • Hot cabin work-out: a unique concept: your work out is in a hot cabin. This is a short and intense work-out; 30 minutes. Next to our hot cabins we also offer workouts in our gym.
  • Holistic: we are a holistic gym, which means that we coach women focussing on body, food and mind. Next to a very varied class schedule we also offer food- and lifestylecoaching!

At bbb Rotterdam, we have everything you need to help you get fit for the summer. Work on your fitness, strength, flexibility, or relaxation. We have the appropriate workout for every goal. We are also temporarily offering short-term subscriptions. Perfect for the summer period!

  • Hot cabin classes for an effective workout and detox.
  • Effective 30-minute workouts.
  • Strength training, HIIT, pilates, yoga and more!

Want to give our bbb health boutique a try? Then book the temporary free trial class.

Start directly with a shape monthcard
You are introduced in the world of bbb during one month. You have access to our varied palet of classes ánd our personal coaching and guidance. We make sure to measure you at start and finish, discuss your goals and create a personal plan. Now for just €145,-.

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Benefits of exercising in a hot cabin:

  • It stimulates fat burning.
  • It has a cleansing effect.
  • The heat and movement improve blood flow.
  • Little to no risk of injury.
  • Is short & effective in 30 minutes you are done!


"The first gym that I really keep visiting weekly and that makes me like sports."

A nice place for you as a woman

We are a holistic gym. That means that we coach you as a woman in the field of body, food and mind. Because in addition to the workouts in the heat cabin or hall, we also offer food, body and lifestyle coaching at bbb Rotterdam, and you can participate in inspiring challenges. And if you have a motivation dip, you can use one of our boosts. Through our working method we can guide you to the best version of yourself. Whatever that is: we think it's important that you feel comfortable in your body and mind.

Why choose bbb Rotterdam?

  • You want to lose weight or shape, but you need help or a stick behind the door.
  • You want to train effectively (and short) in a warm and pleasant environment.
  • You want to change your eating habits and lifestyle.
  • You have an injury / are recovering so that other sports are not possible.
  • You are pregnant or have just given birth and want to exercise under supervision (and possibly bring your baby with you)


Our coaches

"Lisette is the owner of the bbb healthboutique in Rotterdam and is also one of the coaches. She loves to challenge people to give it their all, and it's her mission to make you feel comfortable in your own skin, physically and mentally."
"Next to being a bbb coach, Rosa is also a boxing trainer and vitality therapist. She enjoys giving high energy classes and focusses on the search towards a life that fits YOU in her coachings. In this search body and mind are inseperable!"
"Susana is a bbb-coach in Rotterdam. She is also an independent coach, trainer and mentor focused on healthy lifestyle and empowerment for women. She is trained in dance coaching, breathing, meditation and holistic health for women. Susana understands the body as a multilayered system that can be the means for awareness, development and change when made conscious."
""Sara works at bbb since may 2021 and is a scholled pilates instructor. Ze likes to give you room for growth towards the best version of yourself. With much pleasure Sara teaches the various classes at bbb and gives extra depth in her pilates classes. She is currently studying to become a professional coach to obtain more insights in herself and in others. She loves to cook, work-out and dance.""
"Mathilda is our yoga instructor. She combines her knowledge of anatomy and fitness with the tradition of yoga and mindfullness. With knowledge, enthusiasm and focus on your breathing she let's you get in contact with yourself."

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