bbb back on track sessions
5 group lessons for 49 euros instead of 75 euros

Do you want a strong and fit body? And do you feel like wellness and relaxation? At bbb health boutique we combine this in an effective 30 minute hot workout.

During the after holiday period* we have a special back on track sessions card. This allows you to take 5 group lessons at bbb health boutique Utrecht. With this 5 sessions card you can use group lessons in the hot cabin as well as in our studio. 

Exercising at bbb in the hot cabin (40 degrees) is short and intensive. The bbb30 (30 minutes abs, butt & legs training on fun hits) is the most popular class. And there is more: balance (bbb30 with stretch & meditation), hot HIIT, hot yoga, hot Pilates and hot power are other great classes in the hot cabin. Each boutique also has a beautiful studio where yoga, Pilates and HIIT classes are given. 

*This promotion starts on September 1 and will last until October 31, 2022. This card can only used one time per person. 

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5 sessions for 49 euros instead of 75 euros

After registration, your card will be activated within 48 hours. The term of the card is two months.

With the 5 back on track sessions, you can follow all group lessons at bbb. In the hot cabin we offer bbb30, hot HIIT & hot Pilates and in the studio we offer different types of yoga classes, TRX & barre.

bbb health boutique Utrecht - Kaatstraat 121

Benefits of bbb group lessons

  • Almost all of our hot cabin classes last only 30 minutes.
  • Exercising in a hot cabin has a cleansing effect. The heat makes you perspire quickly and get rid of waste products.
  • Working out in 40 degrees stimulates fat burning. Your body has to work harder in the heat, so you have faster results.
  • The heat and exercise improve blood flow.
  • You sport in a nice and safe environment only for women!