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During a trial class you can experience our professional and friendly approach and how it feels to exercise in warmth.

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13-09-2016 / 11:00

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bbb health boutique location: Utrecht

Welcome at bbb health boutique Jordaan. bbb is a holistic gym, a health boutique with body, food and mind coaching. Unique to bbb is that you exercise in a hot cabin. Exercising in warmth is good for the circulation, stimulates the fat burning process and works in a cleansing manner. Above all, it is wonderfully relaxing!

  • Guidance focused on you: at bbb health boutique Utrecht we think it's important that every woman receives personal guidance in a homely atmosphere.
  • Exercising in a heated cabin: with us you train in a heated cabin which is unique! The training is 30 minutes which is short but due to the warmth and the exercises also intense. As well as exercising in a heated cabin we offer studio and outdoor classes such as: pilates, barre and yoga.
  • Holistic sport school: we coach you as a woman in all areas so that you become the healthiest version of yourself: mind, body and food. We also offer coaching in food and lifestyle. 
  • Free trial: everybody is welcome for a free trial. In this trial you train according to your wishes and we determine your sport level. A free trial lesson always starts with an intake and lasts about an hour.
"For a number of years I have enjoyed sports at bbb Utrecht. I love to alternate lessons in the cabin with my own program and room lessons. ⁠In addition, I can always discuss my eating behavior with one of the coaches and I have learned a lot about healthy eating habits. It's a place where I feel very welcome and love to come"

Benefits of exercising in a heated cabin:

  • A workout in a heated cabin encourages a better blood flow and fat burning process.
  • The chance of getting an injury is small.
  • Exercising in a heated cabin cleanses the body.
  • You're finished in 30 minutes: our workouts are effective but short.
"Stefanie is a yoga teacher and dance and movement therapist. Her passion is to guide people in their search for a connection with themselves and their body. She knows, from experience, how important the combination of exercise and healthy nutrition is for one's feeling of balance and well being."
"Winanda is a coach, dancer and Pilates teacher. Activating and motivating people is what she likes to do most. With the right attention for balance in lifestyle and nutrition, she coaches you to a better version of yourself."
"Pam is a coach and Pilates teacher. She has a passion for exercise and likes to help people enjoy sports. Exercise and a healthy plant-based diet are passions with which she would like to inspire others."
"Irma is a coach and yoga teacher. Coming from a busy life in tourism and fashion, she discovered yoga to calm her body and mind. She teaches yoga to bring opening, flexibility and balance in the body, to move better, to breathe better. From a personal experience, Irma noticed how the right nutrition has an effect on the functioning of body and mind. And she would like to propagate this combination of exercise and nutrition."
"Nikki is a nutrition and weight coach and has a dance background. She has always had a great passion for dance and movement, but her interest in nutrition and healthy lifestyle has grown enormously in recent years. She coaches and inspires women towards a healthier lifestyle in which nutrition, exercise, lifestyle and their mindset are examined together."
"Fleur supports you in (re)discovering a sustainable way to improve your well-being. She stimulates you to be consciously in contact with yourself and your life, so that you can move forward from your own strength and in a safe way. In addition to her knowledge about (plant-based) nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, Fleur can train you to use your breathing so that you are resilient in body and mind!"

Safe, personal & innovative

bbb is different. Safe, personal and innovative are our core values. Our small-scale health boutiques are tastefully decorated and there is a lot of personal attention. We kindly coach you to keep your healthy lifestyle, for example by calling you if you don't come to the gym. But especially because we really see you.

At bbb health boutique Utrecht we offer:

  • Measurements: you start with an extensive lifestyle questionnaire and we measure muscle mass, fat percentage and body sizes
  • Body, food and lifestyle coaching
  • TRX
  • Barre
  • HIIT and strength training
  • Yoga: Yin, Hatha, Vinyasa
  • Pilates
  • Workouts the hot cabin: pilates, bbb30, balance, HIIT and power
  • Tools for every phase of your life: pregnant, just gave birth, menopause, shaping, weight loss, stress reduction, energy recovery and rehabilitation.