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The women's gym in Tilburg

Now that the holidays are over, it's time to get back on track and accomplish your health goals. At bbb health boutique Tilburg we are here to help you get back on track!

At bbb health boutique Tilburg, you as a woman are central. It is not for nothing that we are the gym for women in Tilburg and the surrounding area. We take a comprehensive approach on an individual level: body, nutrition and mental health. Our coaches draw up a personalized plan of action to achieve your goals. A personal approach in a homely atmosphere.

Curious how bbb health boutique Tilburg can help you? Get the best out of yourself and schedule a trial lesson now. Save €25 because the trial lesson is temporarily completely free!


Upcoming Workshops & Events

Our series of workshops focused on 'Learning to live according to your menstrual cycle'

* Thursday 12th of October 20:00h - 21:30h Workshop 'Cyclical training' *€25 euro

* Thursday 9th of November 20:00h - 21:30h Workshop 'Food for hormonal balance' *€25 euro

*Thursday 7th of December 20:00h - 21:30h Workshop 'Living with your cycle' *€25 euro

Click on your workshop of choise above to complete the payement of your ticket. Do you want to join the complete series of 3 workshops?
Click here and enjoy your discount of 15 euros!

For more information and questions sent us an E-mail

Sports in a heat cabin

One of our distinguishing qualities compared to other gyms for women: exercising in a heat cabin. A very effective workout that you can do in a short time. Book a trial lesson and come and work out in a heat cabin in Tilburg.

✔ Effective & short: you can do your full workout in 30 minutes.

✔ Extremely effective in losing weight and shaping your body.

✔ Stimulates your blood flow and works cleansing for your body. No muscle aches or pain complaints!

✔ The temperature helps against various skin conditions, back and pelvic complaints and nerve disorders.

✔ Little chance of injuries.

✔ Certainly not unimportant: we know from experience that many women find exercising lying down in heat relaxing and very nice!

You as a woman are central

Every woman is different and has different personal health goals. At bbb health boutique Tilburg, you as a woman are central, regardless of your wishes and goals. We have the know-how for every woman. It doesn't matter if you want to lose weight, shape, you are a mom (to be), in a rehabilitation process or in the transition, want to appropriate a better diet or if you want to stay healthy and fit in a sustainable way. Every woman can go to the women's gym in Tilburg. Do you want more (mental) energy? Get stronger or improve your condition? Lose weight and a healthier diet? A healthy pregnancy? Our expert coaches will help you.



"Bbb is the place for me where I can move safely before, during and after my pregnancy under the guidance of lovely coaches. The coaches guide you towards your personal goals, regardless of whether they have changed during different phases of life"


"Sporting at bbb Tilburg feels like coming home. There is a very relaxed atmosphere, the guidance is top notch and the way of exercising is also very effective. Exercising in this way in this fine setting is very easy to keep up. Highly recommended for every woman!"


"I really enjoy coming here and with results! Working out has never been so fun, so easy and I'm tighter and fitter than ever."

Hot yoga, pilates, HIIT and more

bbb Tilburg has a diverse range of different types of training and group lessons. In our women's gym you can go for strength and cardio training, such as HIIT and pilates, hot yoga, balance and our members' favorite class: bbb30. Here we focus on legs, buttocks and abs in the form of strength training and endurance. These group lessons are fantastic for achieving results and shaping your body. In addition, we also provide kickboxing training, body shape and other fun lessons. View our group class schedule here. All training and group lessons are given by a coach under the accompaniment of music. You will therefore always be provided with expert advice by a professional! Book a trial lesson quickly. This is temporarily discounted from €25 to €0!

Personal coaching


"Myrthe graduated as a professional performing dancer. She has had a passion for movement since a young age, which is why she has always been focused on the body and its energy. Because of this interest, she also obtained her diploma as a nutrition coach. As a coach, she would like to helping others step by step to a good balance in fitness and energy!"


Lina studied the effects of hormonal contraception and the menstrual cycle. Now she wants to broaden her knowledge in holistic health such as Chinese medicine or naturopathy. Her goal: to inspire women to take control of their health, personal development and quality of life.


As a sports expert, Freeke gets her blood flowing faster from all kinds of different movement activities. Achieving goals and having fun is paramount here. In daily life she is concerned with ensuring a balance in healthy food, sufficient exercise and proper relaxation by giving sports massages. She likes to transfer her enthusiasm and energy to bbb to motivate the members and to guide them towards a good lifestyle.

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