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body, food & mind tools

Book your trial class here!

During a trial class you can experience our professional and friendly approach and how it feels to exercise in warmth.

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13-09-2016 / 11:00

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frequently asked questions

Do you have questions or suggestions; or would you like to make an appointment? Please send an email to info@bbbhealthboutique.nl. Do you have questions around changing, freezing or ending your membership? Please use our app to make changes in your subscription or send an email to admin@bbbhealthboutique.nl with your lastname and studio. Or read our terms and conditions first. 
Would you rather speak to us by phone? Fill in a callback request here and we will call you back as soon as possible!

Does bbb has an app?

Yes we do! You can find our app in the Apple App store or the Google Play store by searching on bbb health boutique. With this app you can easily:

  • Log in and schedule
  • Fill in the foundation questionnaire
  • Change your subscription
  • Register for boosts and challenges


On some days I cannot plan in online.

Your membership has probably been temporarily stopped or 'frozen'. In the period that your membership is frozen you cannot plan in online. You can, however, plan online for the period after this stop.

How does cancellation and shifting appointments work?

We want to be able to give everyone a place. Unfortunately this is not possible if people cancel or move their classes at the last minute or if people don’t show up. Therefore we have 4 rules concerning cancellation, shifting of appointments and 'no shows'.

Cancellation and shifting can always be done online
Even a few minutes before your class/training starts. Maybe someone else can take your place.

The 4 hour cancellation rule
If you delete your appointment less than 4 hours beforehand, then your appointment is cancelled. You may move your appointment to another time slot on the same day. 

The 2-2-2 rule
If you cancel twice (or more often) too late in the space of two weeks then for two weeks you cannot book in online. All your appointments will also be taken out of your planning. You are able to then book in via the telephone or in the studio. We will also call you or email you before we do this. Of course we understand that there are sometimes special circumstances.

Reserve places count as actual bookings
From experience we can say that if you are booked as reserve you will almost always have a place. In our app you'll get a push if your reserve is a real spot.

We will also send you an sms 30 minutes before the class starts to let you know if you don’t have a place. If you don’t receive an sms and you don’t turn up for the class then this class is cancelled. If you do receive an sms and still turn up “at your own risk” then the first available place is for you and this class will not be charged.

My phone doesn't remember my password

You can download or app in the Apple App store or the Google Play store by searching on bbb health boutique. Then you will not have this problem anymore!

If you rather want to use the website, you can also go to settings ' passwords and accounts' and ad the bbb website with your username and password. Your phone will remember your password. 

How long can you schedule in advance?

Our planning is open for twoweeks. So you can always schedule your work-outs, coaching and measurement always two weeks in advance.