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body, food & mind tools

  • after giving birth

    back in shape

  • alcohol

    how alcohol affects your body

  • balance days

    take a step back during balance days

  • basic nutrition

    back to the basics

  • be kind to yourself

    be happy with yourself

  • biorhythm

    living according to your biological clock

  • books & documentaries

    read, listen, learn, enjoy

  • bowels in balance

    for calm bowels

  • clean & green: summer menu

    reduce your CO2 emissions by eating plant based and seasonal

  • coaching diary | print

    break patterns

  • daily exercise

    functional movement in daily life

  • detox

    eat consciously and nutriciously

  • digi-detox

    allow your brain some rest with a digi detox

  • don't eat to much

    a tool to lose weight

  • emotional eating

    practice makes perfect

  • food diary | print

    food dairy in print

  • foundation

    fill out our questionnaire & find your foundation

  • gluten and dairy free

    improving your digestion

  • habitual behaviour

    you are stronger than you think

  • immune system

    what is the immune system

  • increase your metabolism

    burn energy faster

  • inspiration list

    get inspired

  • intermittent fasting

    Intermittent fasting

  • juice detox

    detox your body

  • low carb

    less carbohydrates

  • meal preppen

    the biggest advantage of meal prepping is time

  • meditation

    what meditation is actually good for

  • menopause

    a natural stage in every woman's life

  • mindful living

    do what you do with full attention

  • mini meditations

    completely reset your mindset

  • plant-based diet

    conscious and plant-based nutrition pattern

  • plantbased proteins

    for muscle building and recovery 

  • preference list

    choose for healthy

  • pregnancy and nutrition

    take good care of yourself

  • rebuild - after covid

    recover after covid

  • rheuma

    learning to live and move with rheuma

  • sleep well

    if you have trouble sleeping

  • small steps, big result

    a long lasting change

  • start & motivation

    5 days pure restart


  • strong and nutrititious

    return to your strength


  • sugarless

    1 month sugarless


  • the female cycle

    hormones in balance

  • to feel good

    it's ok if you have a dip

  • vitamins & minerals

    for your healthy jouney

  • yoga nidra

    sleep yoga

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During a trial class you can experience our professional and friendly approach and how it feels to exercise in warmth.

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Frequently asked questions

Here you can find our frequently asked questions. Please use our app to freeze your subscription. Would you rather speak to us by phone? Fill in a callback request here and we will call you back as soon as possible! You can read our terms and conditions here. Do you have another question? For general questions you can email us. Please read below (other questions) which email-adress to contact. 

Who should I email with my question?

For general questions you can email to:

Do you have an administrative question about your subscription or payment? You can mail to:

When can I work-out at bbb?

A workout at bbb is possible on all days of the week, during our opening hours. Like a regular gym. Then you can work out in the hot cabins (personal workout), use our cardio and plan a coaching. In addition, there is a timetable for the group lessons (in the cabins, studio or outside) that you can participate in! If you are a member, you can schedule via our planning tool.

Where are all the body, food & mind-tools?

You can find them easily in our webapp. If you click on it, you'll see all our tools in alfabetical order.

What does bbb stand for?

The 3 b's refer to our 3 pillars: nutrition, exercise and coaching.

Literally bbb states for inner beauty, body workouts, lifestyle balance. The 3 pillars are interwoven in all 3 b's. As we believe that nutrition, exercise and coaching (lifestyle) are intertwined. 

Why is bbb a health boutique?

Boutique fitness can be recognised by the personal approach and it is smaller than a regular gym. Boutique is of boutique hotel. Boutique hotels are more intimate than a ' regular ' hotel and are characterized by their own personal style.

With bbb there is personal attention in a fine atmosphere. We believe that the term health boutique fits our concept the best. So we can distinguish ourselves from the various gyms.

For which age group is bbb suitable?

bbb is suitable for women from every age group. The youngest bbb member is 15 and the oldest is 85 years old. The average age is between 25 and 55 years. It is important to know that every woman is welcome at bbb.

What does reserve mean?

If you sign up as a reserve, you will receive an email when a reserve space becomes available. You can then definitively reserve this place in the web app. We have tested & looked at different systems and this system is used by most gyms and restaurants and experienced as pleasant.

A reserve spot is not a real spot until you have claimed it. All waiting will be automatically notified if a place becomes available and can reserve the place definitively in the web app. The spot is for whoever claims the spot first.

I don't know my password.

Go to mijnbbb.bbbhealthboutique.nl and choose 'reset password'.  Fill in your email address and request a password. You will receive your password via email. The email address you use to log in must be the same email address that is in our system at bbb.

What is bbb online?

As a member of bbb health boutique you can receive online coaching, you can follow our workouts in our webapp and join live Zooms after planning it in the webapp. Very nice during a lockdown, for example, or if you are tied to your house due to other circumstances. 

Are the classes in English or Dutch?

A trial lesson is individual and can therefore be given in both English and Dutch. With group classes, it depends on the participants and teacher whether a lesson is in English or Dutch. The class can also be given bilingually.