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body, food & mind tools

Book your trial class here!

During a trial class you can experience our professional and friendly approach and how it feels to exercise in warmth.

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frequently asked questions

Do you have questions or suggestions; or would you like to make an appointment? Please send an email to info@bbbhealthboutique.nl. Do you have questions around changing, freezing or ending your membership? Please use our app to make changes in your subscription or send an email to admin@bbbhealthboutique.nl with your lastname and studio. Or read our terms and conditions first. 
Would you rather speak to us by phone? Fill in a callback request here and we will call you back as soon as possible!

What rates does bbb charge?

bbb has memberships that range from 65 euro onwards, depending on your wishes and possibilities. The price is determined by how often you train, the length of your membership and use of the ozone. All memberships include personal training, exercising in the heated cabins, cardio, jogging, studio classes (yoga, Pilates and body shape) and individual classes, coaching, measuring, weighing, nutritional advice and workshops. You'll find our prices here.

How does it work with upgrade/downgrade of my membership?

You can always upgrade or downgrade your membership via our app under 'my account' or via an email to admin@bbbhealthboutique.nl. Don't forget to mention your lastname and boutique/studio. If you decide to remain a member for a shorter period of time than you originally decided, you then pay the cumulative difference as extra.

How does it work with 'freezing' my membership?

You can freeze your membership, without having to give a reason, for 2 months in a year. You can only freeze your membership for complete months. All you have to do is freeze it via our app under 'my account' or send an email to our administration: admin@bbbhealthboutique.nl. Don't forget to mention your lastname and studio/boutique.

Would you like to freeze your membership for a longer period of time due to special reasons e.g pregnancy or having to work for a period outside of Holland, this is also possible. Send an email to admin@bbbhealthclub.nl.

Please be aware that if you freeze your membership during your contracted period, money will still be automatically debited from your account monthly.

At the end of your contracted period, you can continue to sport for the length of time that your membership was frozen without any money being debited from your account.

The flex memberships enable you to freeze your membership as often as you like but it must be for whole months.

I am moving house. Can I unsubscribe early?

Yes, this is possible. In the case of moving you are able to unsubscribe before the minimum length of your contact has expired. We will need proof of moving. This is only possible when one of the bbb studios is not within a 20 km range of the new address.

Can I catch up on lessons I have missed?

Yes, this is possible. Lessons that haven’t been used can be used up within the same year. We don’t keep an exact count of all the classes you have used by bbb but we will let you know if you are coming too often for the membership that you have.

Be aware that you have to have a membership to catch up on lessons. You can not catch up with lessons after your membership has ended. When your membership is frozen, you can not catch up with your lessons. 

I would like to end my membership. How can I do this?

You can do this by sending an email to our administration: admin@bbbhealthboutique.nl. Don't forget to mention your lastname and studio/boutique. You will receive a reply within 24 hours and they will handle the rest of the administration for you.

Please note thar our cancellation period is 30 days.

Pricing 2019?

The prices at bbb health boutique increased in 2019. Unfortunately the government has decided that the vat rates on vegetables, fruit and sports will be increased. These things that are so important for a healthy lifestyle.

From the first of January 2019 the reduced vat rate is increased from 6 percent to 9 percent. bbb health boutique falls under this rate. As we want to continue to offer a high quality, it means that in addition our prices will increase for new members. We have been facing higher costs involved with running our boutiques, like housing, cleaning, maintenance and ofcourse our wonderful bbb-coaches. 

What does this mean for current members?
For all current members of bbb health boutique we will only charge the extra vat rate. This means that from January the first you will pay 3 percent more for your membership than you pay now. For administration purposes we always round our prices up. This means you will always pay a round figure.

New members
The new prices for a new membership prices for 2019 will increase more then 3 percent. These new prices and memberships are valid for everyone taking out a membership with us from January the first 2019! Are you already a member? Then you will only pay an extra 3 percent above your present membership.

You find our current and new prices per boutique here.