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Welcome to bbb health boutique. bbb is a holistic gym for women, a gym with a focus on body, food, and mind. Unique to bbb are the workouts in the hot cabin; a safe and personal way to work on your body. Exercising in heat is good for circulation, stimulates fat burning, and has a cleansing effect. Above all, it is wonderfully relaxing!

Attention to individual guidance: we work in small groups. This allows us to provide individual guidance to everyone and give sufficient attention.

Exercising in the hot cabin: what is unique about bbb health boutique Haarlem is that you can train in a hot cabin that is heated to 40 degrees. This takes only 30 minutes and is intensive. In addition, we also offer studio and outdoor classes, such as pilates, yoga, barre, kickboxing & bootcamp.

Our gym is holistic: Whether you want to lose weight, get healthier, are pregnant, going through menopause or want to exercise in a pleasant environment, we will coach you. We discuss the right body, food & mind tools and create your personal health plan.

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The benefits of exercising in the hot cabin

  • Quick and effective: your workout is done within 30 minutes.
  • Your circulation improves by exercising in heat.
  • Fat burning is accelerated.
  • The chance of injury is small.
  • Exercising in a hot cabin has a cleansing effect.


bbb entrepreneurs Danielle & Marlene

bbb health boutique Haarlem was opened on May 21, 2016 by Marlene Stiekema. In 2018, her twin sister Danielle Stiekema joined her.

For the twin sisters, guiding people to be the best version of themselves and achieving personal goals is central. An intrinsic motivation for Marlene and Danielle. They have been creating environments where people feel comfortable since the beginning of their careers. Marlene in youth care and Danielle in the hospitality industry. They have found each other again in bbb health boutique Haarlem!

bbb health boutique Haarlem | Houtplein 37

bbb health boutique Haarlem, a beautiful place for every woman!

bbb health boutique Haarlem is a nice place where we work together to achieve the best version of yourself! We guide in small groups because we value attention and targeted guidance. In addition, the sense of community is very strong with us and we are super happy if you want to join our nice boutique!

Why choose bbb health boutique Haarlem?

  • You want to get back in shape, but haven’t succeeded yet;
  • You have done a lot and tried, but it doesn’t work or you don’t stick with it;
  • You need help changing your lifestyle and eating habits;
  • You like to train short and effectively in a homely atmosphere;
  • You have physical complaints and want to exercise under supervision.
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Achieve your goals with coaching and (hot) workouts. At bbb health boutique, you train tailor-made and are coached on nutrition and lifestyle.
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