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mama to be

This foundation is all about your pregnancy and everything that goes with it. Sufficient exercise, choosing the right diet and meditation are points of attention in this phase of life. Folic acid is essential. 


plan body | mama (to be)

✦ Mama programme in the hot cabin with an adjusted temperature. | 2 times a week.                    
✦ Yoga | once a week.
✦ Short cardio training. Cardio keeps your stamina levels up.

Frequency of exercise and tips
Train 2 or 3 times a week of average intensity. Regular training helps prevent weight gain, physical complaints and stiff muscles. Sport in a maximum of 30 degrees to prevent overheating. Do not train the abdominal muscles from 3 months onwards.


plan food | mama (to be)

Nutrition & pregnancy | Good tips for every phase of your pregnancy.
✦ Plan a foodcoaching and make use of your gratis consult with the dietitian.

Preferably not
Coffee, alcohol, nicotine, red meat, liver, raw fish, predatory fish, vacuum packed fish, raw milk cheeses and raw egg.

Fruit, (calcium rich) vegetables, legumes, beans, nuts and full grains.

vitamines & mineralen | mama (to be)

Calcium complex is good for the development of the bone, nerve, blood and muscle systems.
Folic acid + vitamin B12 lowers the chance of giving birth to a baby with spina bifida (Be aware: enough is present in the Prenatal multivitamin).
Vitamin B50 is beneficial in the conversion of substances required to keep our cells healthy.
✦ Zinc picolinate is important for the growth and development of the baby.


plan mind | mama (to be)

Mindful living | Plan your appointments in allowing plenty of time and perform all your activities with awareness.
✦ Avoid stress! Prolonged stress has a negative effect on the pregnancy.
Meditate | Meditate and walk regularly. This helps to reduce stress and sleeping issues.
✦ Plan a lifestylecoaching in to discuss your personal mind goals.

When extremely tired, try and have an afternoon nap. Sleep at least eight hours a night in a dark and cool bedroom and avoid screens before going to sleep.