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body, food & mind tools

  • after giving birth

    back in shape

  • alcohol

    how alcohol affects your body

  • balance days

    take a step back during balance days

  • basic nutrition

    back to the basics

  • be kind to yourself

    be happy with yourself

  • biorhythm

    living according to your biological clock

  • books & documentaries

    read, listen, learn, enjoy

  • bowels in balance

    for calm bowels

  • clean & green: summer menu

    reduce your CO2 emissions by eating plant based and seasonal

  • coaching diary | print

    break patterns

  • daily exercise

    functional movement in daily life

  • detox

    eat consciously and nutriciously

  • digi-detox

    allow your brain some rest with a digi detox

  • don't eat to much

    a tool to lose weight

  • emotional eating

    practice makes perfect

  • food diary | print

    food dairy in print

  • foundation

    fill out our questionnaire & find your foundation

  • gluten and dairy free

    improving your digestion

  • habitual behaviour

    you are stronger than you think

  • immune system

    what is the immune system

  • increase your metabolism

    burn energy faster

  • inspiration list

    get inspired

  • intermittent fasting

    Intermittent fasting

  • juice detox

    detox your body

  • low carb

    less carbohydrates

  • meal preppen

    the biggest advantage of meal prepping is time

  • meditation

    what meditation is actually good for

  • menopause

    a natural stage in every woman's life

  • mindful living

    do what you do with full attention

  • mini meditations

    completely reset your mindset

  • plant-based diet

    conscious and plant-based nutrition pattern

  • plantbased proteins

    for muscle building and recovery 

  • preference list

    choose for healthy

  • pregnancy and nutrition

    take good care of yourself

  • rebuild - after covid

    recover after covid

  • rheuma

    learning to live and move with rheuma

  • sleep well

    if you have trouble sleeping

  • small steps, big result

    a long lasting change

  • start & motivation

    5 days pure restart


  • strong and nutrititious

    return to your strength


  • sugarless

    1 month sugarless


  • the female cycle

    hormones in balance

  • to feel good

    it's ok if you have a dip

  • vitamins & minerals

    for your healthy jouney

  • yoga nidra

    sleep yoga

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Our team has passion for body, mind & food, and motivates you to be the healthiest version of yourself. Meet the people behind boutiques, our coaches, trainers, physiotherapists and dietitians.

in alphabetical order

Pilates instructor

I can't imagine my life without Pilates anymore. It brought me so much understanding on how our bodies move, what are we capable of and what are our limitations in movement could be. Pilates teaches how to overcome those limitations on our way to a strong, flexible, stable, toned body. I'm delighted to share my knowledge and passion about Pilates with you during my lessons. 



Alexa has been exercising at bbb for years herself. She loves new challenges, has loads of energy and will coach you towards the best version of yourself with a daily dose of humor.



Besides her specialisation in financial crime, Alice has always been nurturing interest in sport! She started practising gymnastics when she was 3 and she is now an experienced amateur athlete and certified trainer. Alice is one little lady but has energy for 10! She just enjoys to share this positive energy with anybody around her and loves to keep a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Her motto is: challenge your boundaries but stay loyal to your values!


Pilates instructor

Alice was 3 years old when she started to dance. When she turned 18 she moved in Rome to follow the professional dance course at Dance Arts Faculty where she received the certification as professional contemporary dancer. 'Through dance I approached the world of Pilates and I received my graduation as Pilates teacher accomplishing the Kineticode Teacher Training.' 



Yoga instructor

Anita came into contact with yoga after studying life energy (prana) through Reiki and Pranic healing for many years. As well as being a yoga teacher she is also a certified pranic healer and trainer. In her classes she uses love, playfulness, knowledge and creativity to bring you closer to yourself: happy and vital!


Yoga instructor

Anna is a coach, marketer and yoga teacher at bbb. She inspires women with self-care practices and believes that this allows you to flow even more through life. She takes this into her wonderful yoga classes and also shares her journey & self-care tips on her blog: www.annavanneerven.nl. development


Yoga instructor

Anne is a yoga teacher who first came into contact with yoga 15 years ago. She had an intensive job and her weekly yoga sessions were her only moment of rest. "What I love about yoga is the flow from position to position. It feels like a dance with countless possibilities. The peace that I experience and that feeling of being reborn after a class is something I would like to pass on to others".


Boutique assistant

Anne has graduated as a dietitian specialised in sport nutrition. 'I love delicious food but healthy nutrition and exercise are an important foundation as this is essential to an energetic and balanced life. I think it's important that every woman is comfortable with herself and can get the most out of herself. For a pep talk or delicious recipes you are always welcome. I'd love to help!'


Yoga instructor

Annewytske is happy with the versatility, variety, energy, connection and the continuous development that she creates within her classes. She is happy to share this with you!



Anoek is a teacher of psychical education and teaches gym to children at primary school. In addition, she is now in training to become a Personal Trainer. She has a great affinity with sports, she danced for a long time and is now very active in crossfit. At bbb she coaches other women to feel strong and powerful.


Boutique manager

Anouk is an exercise and lifestyle consultant with broad experience in orthomolecular health science. She likes to motivate people with her energy and enthusiasm. Helping people to a lifestyle that makes them fit, but also makes them happy is the most important starting point, according to her.



As well as being a qualified nutritionist Bodile has also studied orthomolecular health science and has experience with energy complaints, intestinal problems and hormonal disbalance. With her positive and energetic approach she motivates women to strive for a healthy lifestyle and to become the best version of themselves!



Britt is studying at the ALO (gym teacher). She has a passion for sport and wants to pass this on in a positive and enthousiastic way. "At bbb the members know what their goal is and I want to help them achieve this. Sport is fun and I want to share this!"


Yoga instructor

Coralie has studied ballet professionally from a very young age. During a volunteer project in Bali in 2007 she discovered her passion for yoga. Since then she has practised many yoga styles. ' I am inspired by the energy and peace that I experience in all areas of my life as soon as I step off my yoga mat. I strive to share that feeling, passion and knowledge with my students'.



Csilla is not only a holistic coach at bbb Haarlem but also a barre teacher. She is from Hungary were she worked as a life coach and a salsa and Zumba instructor. 

"At bbb I want to use my experience and help you in a personal way to connect with yourself in this crazy speed-up world. To accept and love yourself, to set goals and reach them."


Boutique manager

Daisy is pilates teacher and was a member of bbb for years. Feeling fit & healthy is central to her life. She is happy to pass on her enthusiasm for sports and Pilates techniques to you!



Danielle is co-franchisee and Marlene's twin sister. Her mission is to inspire people to be the improved version of themselves every day! She's doing this with a lot of positive energy and sincere attention.


Yoga instructor

Diana has graduated in psychology and letteren and has returned to her first love: the human! She gives pilates and hatha yoga. She believes strongly that every experience is a learning curve and leads her group with care. Her source of inspiration is daily life itself. If you follow her classes you can expect knowledge, a good laugh and a relaxed atmosphere.


Boutique manager

For the past 10 years Dominique has lived overseas and has worked in the hectic world of events. In 2018 she decided to change course, travel the world and followed a yoga teacher training course. This investment in herself resulted in her living a more balanced life led by yoga, meditation, exercise and healthy eating. Pleasure and enjoyment are central to her life. She would love to share her experiences and enthousiasm so that others can be inspired and can also start every day with a huge smile!


Boutique manager

In addition to being a holistic coach, Elin is also boutique manager and oversees the marketing for bbb Haarlem. She is trained as a stress and burn-out coach with a specialty in behavioral patterns. She finds it very fascinating how people think and what effect this has on behavior and body. She has a lot of affinity with nutrition and wants to develop further in this!


Boutique assistant

Elissa is professional dancer. After completing her dance training in Australia, Elissa worked for 22 years with The Internationaal Danstheater in Amsterdam. She also spent many years training with the Gyrotonics System. A training method based on the principles of yoga, dance, tai chi and swimming.


Yoga instructor

Emma is an applied psychologist and yoga teacher. She uses yoga as a tool for self-development, a healthy mind and a healthy body. 'Every person is unique and has different health needs. By asking the right questions, as a coach, I want to give you insight into this so that you know what you need to make you feel healthier and fitter. By getting to know your body and mind better, you can make choices that better suit who you are and who you want to be.'



My name is Esmee Teeling and I completed my physiotherapy studies in 2018 at the International school Thim van der Laan. I have always been interested in the way the human body works. Every complaint is different and solving physical problems so that people can continue to train, free of pain, is my goal. My specialisations are: sport and orthopedic rehabilitation, sport injuries and dry needling. Later I would like to specialise in manual therapy.



Esther is a Psychologist and a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist. She has a special interest in breaking unhealthy eating habits, with a focus on emotional eating disorders and improving your self image. For her study Esther did literature research in the area of obesity.


Yoga instructor

Esther has years of experience in corporate and deeply understands de power of yoga to remain standing in the storm of life. She has a background in Traditional Tantra Hatha Yoga and guides you into a deeper connection to self. She is passionate about empowering people towards their unique competencies and leading a happy & meaningful life. She combines this with her work as coach and barista at Cafe-atelier Lucas.


Boutique assistant

After working for years as a project manager, Esther retrained as lifestyle coach. As a result of various personal experiences, she discovered that body and mind are intrinsically attatched and that there is much you can do to keep this balance. The holistic approach of bbb compliments her vision as coach/therapist. She loves to exercise and is consciously busy with her nutrition and rest. She would love to coach women towards the best version of themselves in a personal and motivating manner.



Eva Pluijm

Boutique assistant

Fleur has studied nutrition and diet with an emphasis on coaching. 'Allowing women to see their strengths is my mission. A lifestyle that gives you energy, with the correct exercise, nutrition and enough relaxation is the essence. This ensures that you can do what makes you happy! For everyone this is different and also changes with the time. Exchanging thoughts and ideas with others is half the fun!'



Fleur supports you in (re)discovering a sustainable way to improve your well-being. She stimulates you to be consciously in contact with yourself and your life, so that you can move forward from your own strength and in a safe way. In addition to her knowledge about (plant-based) nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, Fleur can train you to use your breathing so that you are resilient in body and mind!



Floor is a qualified dietitian specialised in emotional eating and has also studied psychology. With this knowledge she hopes to coach women towards a long-term balance between nutrition, sport and relaxation.


Boutique assistant

Freeke completed her Sport Studies and gets excited by different forms of training in which pleasure and attaining your goal are central. The balance between enough exercise, healthy nutrition and the correct mindset is something that she is busy with on a daily basis and which she would like to support and guide others in. She would love to pass on her energy and enthousiasm to bbb members and to advise them in their lifestyle choices.


Yoga instructor

The moment I step onto my yoga mat I am filled with energy and feel the stress from the day slowlly glide away. I wanted to share this feeling with others and so decided to follow a yoga teaching course. I teach Yin Yoga and everyone is welcome, whether you are young, old, new, experienced, flexible or less flexible.


Operational manager

Heleen is a psychologist and interested in guiding and coaching people towards a healthier lifestyle. She finds it a challenge to break through bad habits whilst taking into account the person. She finds the combination of coaching, nutrition and movement indispensable in this process.



During my work as yoga teacher I have delved into nutrition and am now a health food adviser and orthomolecular therapist. At bbb, I enjoy sharing my knowledge in nutrition, exercise and relaxation and putting it to work as a sport and lifestyle coach. I'm looking forward to working with you in a holistic way so that we can achieve the best version of yourself! 


Boutique assistant

Helima has a love for all sports. She is a certified fitnessintructor and personal trainer. She studies nutrition and health and practices powerlifting. With her energy and enthousiasm she wants to help women achieve their healthy goals.


Boutique manager

Ilona is boutique manager at bbb Haarlem, a yoga teacher and coach. ''In my yoga classes I want to let you experience space, relaxation and attention for yourself. As a coach I would like to encourage you to apply these elements in your daily life. Learn to be the best version of yourself, so that you can keep growing and enjoying life!''



Met een topsport verleden in synchroonschaatsen en een achtergrond in dans, heb ik een grote liefde voor beweging, gezonde voeding en koken. Na het afronden van een creatieve studie tot stylist, kriebelde het om iets met deze passie te doen en ben ik nu ook gewichtsconsulent. Ik kan niet wachten om met jullie samen nieuwe doelen waar te maken!



Ilse is franchisee by bbb Delft. At present she is following a study as weight consultant and has a passion for nutrition and exercise. Sh finds a healthy lifestyle incredibly important and would like to help the members achieve their goals and desires by offering personal coaching.



Inge is an expert in nutrition, a journalist and economist. She has a special interest in the latest developments and trends in organisations and nutrition.  As one of the founders, she is responsible for human resources & organisation, bbb dietician and sales.



Ingeborg stimulates and motivates members with her enormous drive and enthousiasm. Strength/weight training is for every woman and she loves to help. She believes in a durable approach that leads to long term changes. Refelective and practical coaching in combination with strength training that matches your goals is what she represents at bbb.



Irma is a coach and yoga teacher. Coming from a busy life in tourism and fashion, she discovered yoga to calm her body and mind. She teaches yoga to bring opening, flexibility and balance in the body, to move better, to breathe better. From a personal experience, Irma noticed how the right nutrition has an effect on the functioning of body and mind. And she would like to propagate this combination of exercise and nutrition.



Isabelle is a personal trainer and is enthusiastic and ready to help and motivate you. 'Don't be afraid to challenge yourself. You can do much more than you think!'



As well as successfully completeing her Nutrition & Dietetics study, Jennifer also gained her certificate as a Hatha Yoga teacher. The holistic approach that is applied at bbb interstes her greatly as she beleives that the combination of body & mind is an important aspect of a healthy lifestyle. As coach & dietitian she wants to help women achieve their goals and lif their wellbeing to the next level!



With my passion and interest for the body, health and nutrition I like to help people to get in touch with themselves more and to become more aware of what the body actually asks of you. A strong connection with your body ensures that you can be the best version of yourself and enjoy life even more. With the training as a weight consultant, fitness and a deepening in emotional eating, I hope to pass this on to others.


Yoga instructor

Joke has graduated in dance & choreography and is a teacher of modern dance. She completed her training as a hatha yoga teacher 10 years ago. 'Thanks to many years of experience in dance and yoga I have been able to develop my own style of yoga.'



Julie is a psychologist (Msc., lid NIP), trainer, reiki therapist and is training as a yoga therapist. She has a background in zen and vipassana meditation. She loves to help people find their strengths again and bring them back to their true centre. She invites you on a journey inwards to develop insight into patterns and convictions and to break through these. In this way you can live a life in freedom. Key words: enthousiastic, warm, humour, sharp, open, connected and down to earth!



Karin is, together with her sisters Miranda and Nicole, franchisee from bbb Tilburg & bbb Den Haag. Karin has studied dietetics and is a running trainer. She has a passion for exercise and healthy nutrition. As nutritionist and exercise coach she focuses on the possibilities that nutrition can offer to help you feel fitter and more vital, physically and mentally. The focus for Karin lies in foods that are recognisable from nature.



Kim has worked for many years as therapist and teacher in the children and youth psychiatry. She now works as a mindfulness based cognitive therapist and trainer. Both the physical and mental training enthuse her. She gladly helps others gain insights and challenge them so as to enable them to get the best out of themselves.



Kitty is a nutrition and health student. She enjoys cooking, eating and working out with friends. She would love to help you find balance between good food and working out.



Koosje is a bbb coach and studies orthomolecular medicine. For me, health is more than just the right nutrition. As a former top athlete, I know how important it is to take good care of your body in all facets; exercise, nutrition, and mind. I now want to pass this knowledge on to other women.


Yoga instructor

Yoga for me is connecting with your body, mind and heart. When you step on the mat, you really choose for yourself at that moment. In addition, it has taught me to really stand in my power and follow my heart. In my classes I look for the right balance between making your body work and giving your body peace and love. I wish everyone the clarity and inspiration I feel after a nice yoga flow.


Yoga instructor

Yin Yoga teacher. In our daily lives we often don't leave enough time over for relaxation. We have lost the ability to feel what our body really needs. The yin yoga classes help you to stop and become more aware of the busy world we find ourselves now in.



This is lian. She has been a regular Pilates instructor at bbb health boutique Haarlem for several years now. She loves to help empower women.

"I would like to help you get to know your own body in all its facets. And to gain the strength to learn to embrace the less strong parts of yourself. Stop the fight with yourself and start working with yourself and your body from love. I'll be happy to help you!"



Lydia Barre instructor, originally from Ukraine, moved to Amsterdam in 2012 to study business and management. 'I’ve enjoyed my studies and working life in Amsterdam, but I soon realised that I would like to dedicate more time to sports and it quickly took over my professional career. Barre makes me feel stronger, so it gives me greater control of my body and balance. It is burning and I love that burn! So come and experience a great, yet challenging workout with me!'


Pilates instructor

I'm a huge fan of Pilates exercises for long muscles and supple joints. We also work on finding the correct balance and core-stability (a strong centre). I prefer the exercises with the small ball. My challenge: working together to develop a body free of complaints.

Joseph Pilates: 'After 10 classes you feel the difference, after 20 classes you see the difference, after 30 classes you are a different person!'


Yoga instructor

During her yin yoga classes, Lisanne uses the energy of the moon. This allows you to find more balance in your daily life, to adjust your lifestyle if necessary and be inspired by the moon.



5 years ago Lisette started her personal journey. By breaking through various patterns, she has experienced how powerful the mind is and how strong the body can be. She believes that everything is connected and influences each other. It is her dream, mission and goal to help other women in their personal journey to the best version of themselves.


Boutique assistant

Lizzy recently graduated as a dance teacher and is also passionate about sport and nutrition. She hopes to inspire others with her enthousiasm. She is a passionate and energetic dance teacher and sport instructer and believes that a healthy body and soul contributes to a healthy and happy life.



Luca graduated as a social worker with experience in coaching and guidance. Her vocation is to contribute to the psychosocial well-being of human. She also loves extensive cooking. She believes that a healthy lifestyle is the key to a happy mind. Her own "golden triangle"? Mainly vegetarian food, yoga and plenty of outside air. 


Pilates instructor


Pilates instructor

Margreet has a background as psychsocial worker and has a passion for the link between body and soul. Her ambition is to guide as many people as possible towards a healthier and happier lifestyle.


Yoga instructor

Marieke is a yoga and sport teacher. Awareness in movement and focus and concentration are important focus points in her classes. She knows, like no other, that you can always do more than you think. She helps you to push your boundaries and test your limits.



Marieke is currently training to be a weight consultant. She is a fanatic runner (half marathons) and can often be found in the sport school. Healthy nutrition and sport has always been a theme in her life and now it's time to pass this passion on to other women.



Marlene is educator, behavioural scientist and gives family constellation workshops. , Together with her twin sister Daniëlle she's franchisee of bbb Haarlem. Marlene her passion is to help people develop a positiver self image and a healthier lifestyle.


Yoga instructor

Yin yoga, vinyasa and jivamukti teacher. Yoga is her lifestyle and a healthy and vegan way of life goes with this. As well as attention to posture and breath, her classes also pay attention to the yoga philosophy, especially as yoga is so much more  than only physical practice.



Martine works as a physiotherapist and is also a human movement scientist. She has a broad knowldge of the human body, is experienced in making training programmes and in revalidation after an operation or sport injury.


Yoga instructor

Mathilda has lived for more than 15 years in Asia and is a qualified USA Yoga Alliance teacher and fitness trainer. She gives her classes based on the tradition of yoga and mindfulness combined with her knowledge over functional anatomy and fitness. Through her personal attention and enthousiasm during her classes she hopes to inspire and bring more relaxation, energy and strength in your life.


Boutique assistant

Out of my head and into my body. That is the goal with which I exercise, exercise and meditate. I have a passion for yoga and have fully immersed myself in what nutrition your body needs at each stage of your female cycle. I enjoy sharing my positive energy with others and motivating people to bring more balance into their own lifestyle.



Mijn affiniteit met sport en gezondheid komt mede door jaren zelf intensief trainen. Van huis uit ben ik opgegroeid met een holistische kijk op het leven het gezond voeden van lichaam en geest. Na jaren te hebben gewerkt in de luchtvaart en veel te hebben gezien van de wereld, wil ik mij gaan verdiepen in voeding in combinatie met neuropsychologie Bij bbb kan ik mijn energie kwijt in het lesgeven en hoop ik iedereen een fijn gevoel mee te geven. Ik geloof echt in de kracht van deze vrouwen community. 

Merel Roest

Boutique assistant

Michelle is a coach, boutique assistant, and Mensendieck remedial therapist. Activating and motivating people is what she likes to do most. With the right attention for balance in lifestyle and nutrition, she coaches you to a better version of yourself.


Yoga instructor

Minke is a teacher of Vinyasa Yoga. Yoga is for her a way to become stronger and more flexible but also a way to relax and come in contact with your body. She would like to make yoga available to everyone and to introduce her students to the many benefits yoga has to offer.



Miranda is, together with her sisters Karin and Nicole, franchisee from bbb Tilburg & bbb Den Haag. Miranda worked for years as sport instructer and personal trainer for pilates, yoga and bootcamp. She now teaches by the Aalo where she trains teachers in Power yoga. She loves to help people by bringing them back into balance and finding their strengths. Grow, enjoy and give, laugh, let it go and live!





Connected with dance from an early age - debut in a dancing-children group at age of 6, experienced with classical dance as student of ballet school. Natalia was dancing contemporary dance, rock'n'roll, bachata and salsa, but her heart was stolen by zouk. In 2011 she graduate as a fitness instructor and started teaching on the regular basis. She loves to lead classes and spread her love of dance, fitness and a healthy lifestyle.



As well as being a bootcamp trainer, Nathalie is mainly a motivator. 'Sport is my passion and I find it an honour to challenge others and send them home with a smile on their face.'


Pilates instructor

Nathalie is a Polestar Certified Pilates Instructeur and Certified personal Trainer (HvA). 'During my study at the dance academy I came into contact with Pilates due to an injury. Since then I've been addicted! I combine my knowledge from dance, Pilates and strength training in my Pilates classes. I see Pilates as the organisational order of the human body. Pilates is about body awareness. About details. It's about technique and functionality.' 



Nicole is, together with her sisters Karin and Miranda, franchisee from bbb Tilburg & bbb Den Haag. Nicole has a background in education in which she has worked as an intern coach: coaching students, parents, teachers and teams. Through her own experience dealing with Hashimoto's disease (an autoimmune disease of the thyroid) she has studied and deepened her understanding in the areas of health and nutrition.



Nikki is a nutrition and weight coach and has a dance background. She has always had a great passion for dance and movement, but her interest in nutrition and healthy lifestyle has grown enormously in recent years. She coaches and inspires women towards a healthier lifestyle in which nutrition, exercise, lifestyle and their mindset are examined together.



During her time spent at the dance academy and her work as a dance teacher, a healthy lifestyle has been incredibly important. As dancer and dance teacher she is often busy with her body but also with the correct mindset and distribution of energy. By living healthily in combination with the correct exercise she always feels fit and energetic. Balance and rhythm in the three pillars: body, food and mind are very important. As a coach Noortje would love to help you find this balance and rhythm.



Noortje is vitality coach with hormones as specialism. She finds it exciting to help you find your inner motivation, changing beaviour patterns and take responsibility for your life. By this, you will feel more balanced and energized.



Pam has worked in various branches of fashion and interior design. She has followed the Fitvak training so that she can help others to enjoy sport. Exercise and a healthy plant-based nutrition pattern are passions of hers that she would like to share and inspire others with.



Pauline graduated from the dance and musical Academy in Arnhem. 'Sometimes I can lose the balance in my life due to the busy days and high work pressure I experience as an actress and dancer. As I've learnt how my body and mind can work as one, I've been able to live more consciously. As a result, I've been able to create the balance that works best for me and strongly believe that everyone can do this.' She would like to use the experience she has gained as dancer to coach people.



"Hello, my name is Rebecca. I am from the United States, but have lived in The Netherlands for 5 years now. I have been working as a Professional Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer for over 25 years. I hold a Master’s degree in Sports Medicine. I am very excited to be joining the BBB team as both a Personal Trainer and Barre Instructor. I look forward to meeting you and helping you accomplish all of your fitness goals!"



Romy is not only holistic coach at bbb, she also is a master student at Leiden University. Sports for her are the best way to relieve stress and tension. Therefore, she hopes to share this experience of relaxation through exertion with other women!



Roos is a sport & yoga teacher and a certified Lifestyle coach. She believes that having your body & mind in balance is necessary to feel good and to enjoy your life to the full. Women have been having to compete with each other too much which is a shame. If you have a good and healthy relationship with yourself then that isn't necessary. Every woman has something beautiful and counts. Roos's mission is then to help women connect with themselves and others.


Boutique manager

Rosa is a well known face at bbb and currently training to be vitality coach. She is an enthousiastic coach and finds it important that every woman gets to know her own strong points. Achieving your goals, step by step, is important to Rosa. Even if it's challenging!


Yoga instructor

Rosali is a yoga teacher. Since her backpack adventure in South Africa she has felt attracted to yoga. 'Since that moment my life has never been without yoga. Yoga allows me to experience how I actually feel and I love to share this gift with others. It can sometimes feel good to blow of a bit of steam after a vinyasa class and sometimes it's necessary to find some peace in Yin or meditation.' 



Ruby studies nutrition and dietetics at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. In addition to her studies, she is an intern at bbb to become a coach. With her knowledge of nutrition and her positive vibe, she hopes to be able to coach the members of bbb Haarlem as well as possible.


Pilates instructor

Samira has been teaching groups classes for more than 10 years to young and old. It gives her energy to see people motivate each other and achieve results.



Sammie is studente voeding& dietetiek. Naast haar stage bij bbb, waarin zij onderzoek doet naar voeding in relatie met fysieke klachten, werkt zij ook als coach. 

Sammie Eslamimoghaddam


Sherida has graduated in Food and Dietetics and has just finished a scholarship in Sport dietetics. Food and training has always been her passion. As a coach at bbb she likes to motivate women by reaching and achieving a healthy lifestyle. 


Boutique manager

Stefanie is a yoga teacher and dance and movement therapist. It is her passion to guide people in (re) connecting with themselves and with their bodies. She knows from her own experience how important the combination of exercise and healthy food that suits her body is for her sense of well-being and balance.



Tamar has a great affinity with posture and movement and an enormous amount of knowledge in the area of nutrition. Tamar is a pilates teacher and a bbb coach from day one. According to many she has a natural talent when it comes to coaching.


Boutique manager

Tamara is a pilates teacher who specialises in back and pelvic complaints. Her motivation is to encourage bbb members to discover where their strengths lie by training in an aware manner which results in a more self assured stance.



Theresia is a yoga teacher and studies Nutrition and Dietetics, to turn her passion for healthy food and lifestyle into her job. Balance between nutrition, exercise and relaxation is central to her. Her mission is to make you feel healthy, happy and energetic, in the way that suits you best!



Xandra has completed various courses and is now following a Yoga Teacher study. Her training brought her closer to her inner beauty and strength. She loves to share her passion with other women so that they can feel healthy, strong and beautiful!


Yoga instructor

'' Yoni werkt als docent vinyasa flow, poweryoga en yin yoga naast haar baan als communicatie-adviseur. Voor Yoni betekent yoga meer dan een practice op de mat; yoga gaat over body en mind in balans brengen, over yin en yang. Ze hoopt haar studenten te helpen hun aandacht naar binnen te richten en te samen te ontdekken wat yoga voor hen kan betekenen. Haar lessen zijn een reflectie van haar persoonlijkheid: open, toegankelijk, vriendelijk



Zora is a nutritionist and has had a passion for nutrition and health since a young age. She strives to encourage and inspire other women to bring out the best in themselves.