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Our team has passion for body, mind & food, and motivates you to be the healthiest version of yourself. Meet the people behind boutiques, our coaches, trainers, physiotherapists and dietitians.


Marlene is educator, behavioural scientist and gives family constellation workshops. , Together with her twin sister Daniëlle she's franchisee of bbb Haarlem. Marlene her passion is to help people develop a positiver self image and a healthier lifestyle.



Danielle is co-franchisee and Marlene's twin sister. Her mission is to inspire people to be the improved version of themselves every day! She's doing this with a lot of positive energy and sincere attention.


Boutique manager

Ilona is boutique manager at bbb Haarlem, a yoga teacher and coach. ''In my yoga classes I want to let you experience space, relaxation and attention for yourself. As a coach I would like to encourage you to apply these elements in your daily life. Learn to be the best version of yourself, so that you can keep growing and enjoying life!''


Boutique manager

In addition to being a holistic coach, Elin is also boutique manager and oversees the marketing for bbb Haarlem. She is trained as a stress and burn-out coach with a specialty in behavioral patterns. She finds it very fascinating how people think and what effect this has on behavior and body. She has a lot of affinity with nutrition and wants to develop further in this!



Xandra has completed various courses and is now following a Yoga Teacher study. Her training brought her closer to her inner beauty and strength. She loves to share her passion with other women so that they can feel healthy, strong and beautiful!



Noortje is vitality coach with hormones as specialism. She finds it exciting to help you find your inner motivation, changing beaviour patterns and take responsibility for your life. By this, you will feel more balanced and energized.



Anoek is a teacher of psychical education and teaches gym to children at primary school. In addition, she is now in training to become a Personal Trainer. She has a great affinity with sports, she danced for a long time and is now very active in crossfit. At bbb she coaches other women to feel strong and powerful.



Csilla is not only a holistic coach at bbb Haarlem but also a barre teacher. She is from Hungary were she worked as a life coach and a salsa and Zumba instructor. 

"At bbb I want to use my experience and help you in a personal way to connect with yourself in this crazy speed-up world. To accept and love yourself, to set goals and reach them."



Romy is not only holistic coach at bbb, she also is a master student at Leiden University. Sports for her are the best way to relieve stress and tension. Therefore, she hopes to share this experience of relaxation through exertion with other women!



This is lian. She has been a regular Pilates instructor at bbb health boutique Haarlem for several years now. She loves to help empower women.

"I would like to help you get to know your own body in all its facets. And to gain the strength to learn to embrace the less strong parts of yourself. Stop the fight with yourself and start working with yourself and your body from love. I'll be happy to help you!"



5 years ago Lisette started her personal journey. By breaking through various patterns, she has experienced how powerful the mind is and how strong the body can be. She believes that everything is connected and influences each other. It is her dream, mission and goal to help other women in their personal journey to the best version of themselves.