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Our team has passion for body, mind & food, and motivates you to be the healthiest version of yourself. Meet the people behind boutiques, our coaches, trainers, physiotherapists and dietitians.

Boutique manager

Stefanie is a yoga teacher and dance and movement therapist. It is her passion to guide people in (re) connecting with themselves and with their bodies. She knows from her own experience how important the combination of exercise and healthy food that suits her body is for her sense of well-being and balance.


Boutique assistant

Fleur supports you in (re)discovering a sustainable way to improve your well-being. She stimulates you to be consciously in contact with yourself and your life, so that you can move forward from your own strength and in a safe way. In addition to her knowledge about (plant-based) nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, Fleur can train you to use your breathing so that you are resilient in body and mind!


Boutique assistant

Daisy is pilates teacher and was a member of bbb for years. Feeling fit & healthy is central to her life. She is happy to pass on her enthusiasm for sports and Pilates techniques to you!



Rhodé is a holistic coach and yoga teacher who follows her dreams. She gets energy from yoga, healthy (vegetable) food, a positive mindset and helping others grow. Rhodé guides you in a pleasant and calm way to learn to listen better to your body, so that balance is created between body and mind. It's her mission to see you happy.



Nikki is a nutrition and weight coach and has a dance background. She has always had a great passion for dance and movement, but her interest in nutrition and healthy lifestyle has grown enormously in recent years. She coaches and inspires women towards a healthier lifestyle in which nutrition, exercise, lifestyle and their mindset are examined together.



Irma is a coach and yoga teacher. Coming from a busy life in tourism and fashion, she discovered yoga to calm her body and mind. She teaches yoga to bring opening, flexibility and balance in the body, to move better, to breathe better. From a personal experience, Irma noticed how the right nutrition has an effect on the functioning of body and mind. And she would like to propagate this combination of exercise and nutrition.



As an (almost) Holistic Coach, Romy is fascinated by the female body, wisdom and creative power. With her love for the Ayurvedic philosophy, she is daily involved in awareness, breathwork, yoga and nutrition. She thinks it's great to look for balance between body and mind together so that connection is created.



Kelly graduated as a Cesar remedial therapist. Because of her background, Kelly knows how important it is to be in balance with your body. She mainly guides you by letting yourself do it and feel it. 'By being aware of how your body works, you know what to pay attention to when you need it. This way you can be your best self.'


Yoga instructor

Esther has years of experience in corporate and deeply understands de power of yoga to remain standing in the storm of life. She has a background in Traditional Tantra Hatha Yoga and guides you into a deeper connection to self. She is passionate about empowering people towards their unique competencies and leading a happy & meaningful life. She combines this with her work as coach and barista at Cafe-atelier Lucas.


Yoga instructor

During her yin yoga classes, Lisanne uses the energy of the moon. This allows you to find more balance in your daily life, to adjust your lifestyle if necessary and be inspired by the moon.


Yoga instructor

Diana has graduated in psychology and letteren and has returned to her first love: the human! She gives pilates and hatha yoga. She believes strongly that every experience is a learning curve and leads her group with care. Her source of inspiration is daily life itself. If you follow her classes you can expect knowledge, a good laugh and a relaxed atmosphere.



Connected with dance from an early age - debut in a dancing-children group at age of 6, experienced with classical dance as student of ballet school. Natalia was dancing contemporary dance, rock'n'roll, bachata and salsa, but her heart was stolen by zouk. In 2011 she graduate as a fitness instructor and started teaching on the regular basis. She loves to lead classes and spread her love of dance, fitness and a healthy lifestyle.


Yoga instructor

Hanna Zorándy is a yoga teacher and somatic practitioner, as well as a molecular biologist and artist by training. Fascinated by many aspects of life Hanna has explored many modalities: from ballet to yoga, from performance to scientific research, all are integral parts of her. Bringing us back to balance and accessing strengths is what she embodies in her sessions to explore all of who you are: in body, mind, and spirit. Her mission is to allow everyone to experience themselves in their richness.


Pilates instructor

Pam has worked in various branches of fashion and interior design. She has followed the Fitvak training so that she can help others to enjoy sport. Exercise and a healthy plant-based nutrition pattern are passions of hers that she would like to share and inspire others with.


Yoga instructor

Lotte works as a yoga teacher, dance therapist and breath coach. She believes in the intelligence of the body and the vision of learning to listen to the signals of the body is central to her work. In her classes she offers knowledge, experience and tools to increase awareness in the body and breath. This allows energy to flow more freely and the self-healing capacity of our system is addressed.