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body, food & mind tools

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During a trial class you can experience our professional and friendly approach and how it feels to exercise in warmth.

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13-09-2016 / 11:00

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Our team has passion for body, mind & food, and motivates you to be the healthiest version of yourself. Meet the people behind boutiques, our coaches, trainers, physiotherapists and dietitians.


Ilse is franchisee by bbb Delft. At present she is following a study as weight consultant and has a passion for nutrition and exercise. Sh finds a healthy lifestyle incredibly important and would like to help the members achieve their goals and desires by offering personal coaching.



As well as successfully completeing her Nutrition & Dietetics study, Jennifer also gained her certificate as a Hatha Yoga teacher. The holistic approach that is applied at bbb interstes her greatly as she beleives that the combination of body & mind is an important aspect of a healthy lifestyle. As coach & dietitian she wants to help women achieve their goals and lif their wellbeing to the next level!


Boutique manager

Elisabeth has a dietitions background. She believes that the key to a healthy lifestyle is a balance between body, food and mind. For this reason she can often be found in the kitchen or sport school. At bbb she coaches women, using a holistic approach, towards the best version of themselves. Large and small steps. Every step is one.



Helima is a fitness instructer and personal trainer. She is also studying nutrition and practices powerlifting. With her energy and enthousiasm she wants to help women achieve their healthy goals.



After working for years as a project manager, Esther retrained as lifestyle coach. As a result of various personal experiences, she discovered that body and mind are intrinsically attatched and that there is much you can do to keep this balance. The holistic approach of bbb compliments her vision as coach/therapist. She loves to exercise and is consciously busy with her nutrition and rest. She would love to coach women towards the best version of themselves in a personal and motivating manner.



Sarah is a qualified dietitian and has a passion for nutrition, good food and a large fascination as to how that helps to achieve goals and good health. As a hobby she loves to play with iron. Each day of the week an hour strength/weights training, is how she relaxes.



Roos is a sport & yoga teacher and a certified Lifestyle coach. She believes that having your body & mind in balance is necessary to feel good and to enjoy your life to the full. Women have been having to compete with each other too much which is a shame. If you have a good and healthy relationship with yourself then that isn't necessary. Every woman has something beautiful and counts. Roos's mission is then to help women connect with themselves and others.


Yoga instructor

The moment I step onto my yoga mat I am filled with energy and feel the stress from the day slowlly glide away. I wanted to share this feeling with others and so decided to follow a yoga teaching course. I teach Yin Yoga and everyone is welcome, whether you are young, old, new, experienced, flexible or less flexible.


Pilates instructor

I'm a huge fan of Pilates exercises for long muscles and supple joints. We also work on finding the correct balance and core-stability (a strong centre). I prefer the exercises with the small ball. My challenge: working together to develop a body free of complaints.

Joseph Pilates: 'After 10 classes you feel the difference, after 20 classes you see the difference, after 30 classes you are a different person!'



My name is Esmee Teeling and I completed my physiotherapy studies in 2018 at the International school Thim van der Laan. I have always been interested in the way the human body works. Every complaint is different and solving physical problems so that people can continue to train, free of pain, is my goal. My specialisations are: sport and orthopedic rehabilitation, sport injuries and dry needling. Later I would like to specialise in manual therapy.